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Confronting new realities – head on

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The banknote industry is undergoing major transformation caused by both internal and external factors. With more alternatives available, the way in which society uses cash is changing. Fueled by economic growth, recession, technology and regulations, fluctuations in cash demand are uncertain and unpredictable, impacting on Central Banks and the industry. New technological innovations are also influencing the way banknotes are produced and managed in circulation. The only constant are the ever-present counterfeiters!


The World Banknote Summit confronts these new realities head on, providing the guidance and tools to Central Banks, State Printing Works and the Industry Suppliers necessary to effectively navigate the expanding management & operational complexities that are part of today’s industry landscape.




Banknotes at the heart of the World Banknote Summit

The World Banknote Summit has a clear focus on the tools of our trade – banknotes - and related, relevant issues:


Topic Benefits

Banknote Design : Art or Science ?

Learning from others, practical ‘Dos and Don’ts’ in different circumstances.

Banknote procurement: is it about best price only?

Achieving ‘best value’ for all stakeholders

Circulation Management : how « Big Data » can change our world How ‘big data analytics’ can transform Central Bank decision making

Banknotes - the user’s angle

Hear the voice of the ‘silent stakeholders’, e.g. the vital retail community

Applying New Technologies

What role can new technology play? How will it change what we do?

The future of banknotes in the larger payment landscape

Where will technology take cash? How to respond.



The World Banknote Summit offers delegates the opportunity to engage in discussions, and exchange experience and best practice on all aspects of banknotes face-to-face and during sessions.


Interact with those who matter – your industry peers.


To view the complete programme, please click here




Make the most of your trip to Europe

Basel is home to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Cities that host European National Banks and industry suppliers are only a short flight or train journey away. Why not take the opportunity to visit colleagues in Europe as part of your World Banknote Summit experience.


Who should attend?

The World Banknote Summit is designed to address:


  • Central Bank executives responsible for currency management
  • Technical banknote experts from Central Banks
  • State Printing Works executives
  • Counterfeit specialists from law enforcement agencies
  • Representatives and technical experts from suppliers of equipment, materials or services needed for the creation & production, circulation management, and destruction of banknotes.


World Banknote Summit Research Fund

The World Banknote Summit strives to support the use of banknotes as a form of payment. The Organisers of the World Banknote Summit pledge to dedicate part of the summit’s revenue to the “World Banknote Summit Research Fund”.


The purpose of this Fund is to provide financial support to independent research institutions to conduct research projects on specific topics related to banknotes.


The sole condition imposed by the “World Banknote Summit Research Fund” on the research projects is that they must be focused on topics that help support banknotes as a form of payment. The outcomes of the sponsored research projects must be presented at a subsequent World Banknote Summit.


About the Organizer

The World Banknote Summit is organized by Lighthouse Communications (, a fully independent company dedicated to promoting education and communication in the banknote industry.


Beat Attinger, founder of the company, acquired a profound knowledge of banknotes as a result of working in the industry for many years as a senior executive.


When I set out to establish the World Banknote Summit, it was my intention to create a platform that not only examines the challenges associated with currency management, but that also takes other factors into account that are relevant and shape the payment landscape. The opportunity to discuss and analyze these factors during the World Banknote Summit should help delegates gain valuable insights into all issues that impact the management of banknotes.”


To successfully organize the World Banknote Summit, Beat has gathered a team of experts, to make sure that the event meets the highest standards and expectations.