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European Central Bank ends production and issuance of €500 notes / ECB website, 4 May 2016 + + + + + + Banknotes in circulation increased by 52% from 2011 – 2015 / Banco de Mozambique + + + + + + Number of US$ notes in circulation increased from 29.5 bn in 2010 to 38.1 bn in 2015 (+29%) / Website FED + + + + + + + + + Cash Becoming Obsolete as Digital and Contactless Payments Increase /, 12 October 2015

An insight into Digital Printing Digital


Digital Printing is evolving fast: the technology offers tremendous printing flexibility, and precision, quality and speed are increasing swiftly. Digital Printing technology was primarily developed for commercial printing, but what potential impact could it have on security printing? Can the advantages the technology offers be put to good use in banknote or high security printing? This presentation presents 2 of the current and quickly evolving technologies. This will impact quality, productivity, efficiencies and colour gamut even further. The talk will educate attendees into the world of Digital Printing to be able to consider whether it is a threat or not.

World Banknote Summit 2018 in Frankfurt

The next World Banknote Summit will take place in the Westin Grand Hotel in Frankfurt from 24 – 26 September 2018.


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