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European Central Bank ends production and issuance of €500 notes / ECB website, 4 May 2016 + + + + + + Banknotes in circulation increased by 52% from 2011 – 2015 / Banco de Mozambique + + + + + + Number of US$ notes in circulation increased from 29.5 bn in 2010 to 38.1 bn in 2015 (+29%) / Website FED + + + + + + + + + Cash Becoming Obsolete as Digital and Contactless Payments Increase /, 12 October 2015

Learning from Mistakes: Using Lessons Learned to Transform Organizations and Build Sustainable and Repeatable Processes for Success


Improving security is the primary objective for designing a new family of notes, however, effective security feature integration across a consistently manufacturable family of notes, which enables intuitive authentication by the public, and is robust against counterfeiters, is the only way to protect the currency in an environment of expanding threats. The Federal Reserve discovered that the current family of notes was not broadly successful and that change was necessary at the Central Bank and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Recognizing problems, accepting responsibility, and identifying and implementing solutions were all necessary for future successes of new families of notes.

World Banknote Summit 2018 in Frankfurt

The next World Banknote Summit will take place in the Westin Grand Hotel in Frankfurt from 24 – 26 September 2018.


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