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European Central Bank ends production and issuance of €500 notes / ECB website, 4 May 2016 + + + + + + Banknotes in circulation increased by 52% from 2011 – 2015 / Banco de Mozambique + + + + + + Number of US$ notes in circulation increased from 29.5 bn in 2010 to 38.1 bn in 2015 (+29%) / Website FED + + + + + + + + + Cash Becoming Obsolete as Digital and Contactless Payments Increase /, 12 October 2015

Not business as usual

The banknote industry is in flux. New technologies, economic instability and society’s changing relationship with cash - to name but a few of the internal and external factors at play - are all taking their toll, with significant implications for Central Banks and the industry. Yet amongst this uncertainty, there is clear opportunity.

Identifying and understanding the drivers that are shaping the payment landscape and the role of banknotes in the future is no longer optional.


So how is this conference different?

The World Banknote Summit is different in various aspects:


Uniquely, it invites experts from outside the banknote industry to share their knowledge and views

The World Banknote Summit is the only event to invite experts from outside the banknote printing industry to share their expectations from, and views on banknotes. Representatives from mobile payment solution providers, leading crypto currency companies, a major supermarket chain, the association of the visually impaired and blind amongst others, will be present to provide vital insights on possible future payment scenarios. These external perspectives are essential, and will give discussions on banknotes an entirely new dimension.


Small enough to be able to talk, big enough to be able to learn

Size matters: high-level discussions and networking with leading decision makers in the industry simply works better in more intimate settings, and when the ratios of Central Bankers and government printers to suppliers is managed.

If you like large crowds, then the World Banknote Summit may not be the right place for you. At the World Banknote Summit, we are keeping it small and personal so that you can find and meet the right people.


Banknotes, and their future role, at the heart of everything

The World Banknote Summit is focused on banknotes, and banknote related topics. This focus will not be diluted by discussions on ID solutions or security documents.

Banknotes are at the heart of the World Banknote Summit!


New formats involve the audience

The audience will be given the opportunity to play an active role in the conference. In advance of the World Banknote Summit, delegates will be invited to give their views on the drivers shaping the future of the payment landscape. The results will be integrated into the panel discussion on the final day of the event on this topic where the audience will also be able to participate online with questions, opinions and comments.


Designed for comfort, built for business

And finally, the conference lounge! Conference days are long and exhausting. To help delegates relax during the breaks, the layout of the exhibition area at the World Banknote Summit is inspired by a plaza in a medieval town where people gather, relax and have a chat after work. Partner booths have been designed as comfortable lounges or as welcoming street cafés, and are a far cry from the bustling information booths you usually encounter.


The World Banknote Summit 2017 is the place to be to prepare for the future of the banknote industry.

  • Selected expert speakers, from outside and inside the industry to inspire with new insights
  • New topics to fully understand the drivers of current changes and trends
  • Different presentation formats to facilitate flexibility & diversity

Join the discussion - turn change into an opportunity at the World Banknote Summit!

World Banknote Summit 2018 in Frankfurt

The next World Banknote Summit will take place in the Westin Grand Hotel in Frankfurt from 24 – 26 September 2018.


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